“I’m Sorry Papa” – DJ Cuppy Finally Apologizes To Her Dad After She Jumped Into The Sea!

Cuppy is a very popular Nigerian celebrity whose real name is Florence Otedola. Cuppy who happens to be a Disk Jockey is the daughter of famous Nigerian billionaire, Femi Otedola. She is very good at what she does. She is tall, dark, elegant smart, gorgeous and very beautiful. She is also very rich and happens to be one of the biggest celebrities in Nigeria.

Few hours ago, DJ Cuppy posted a video of herself on her official Instagram page. The video gained the attention of many Instagram users who reacted by liking, commenting and viewing it. There were really lots of reactions to the video. See some screenshots from the video below. In the video Cuppy jumped into the sea from a boat. It was really a scary and risky thing to do. Immediately she entered the sea, there was a big splash of water which means that she really entered deep into the water.





Femi Otedola who happens to be DJ Cuppy’s dad also commented on the post. He commented with an emoji that literally means “I am finished”. On a normal note, no parent would want his/her child to take this kind of risk. After DJ Cuppy realized the risk she took, she quickly apologized to her dad telling him that she’s sorry.

In her words, “@femiotedola Sorry Papa”.

What are your thoughts on this?

Did DJ Cuppy really take a great risk by jumping into the sea?

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